Blender’s Cost Sharing


Gender Blenders is a non-profit organization and its contributions to Burning Man (i.e. our camp, its resources, and the events we throw within various Burning Man events) are funded through a cost-share model, off-set by donations from fairy patron(s) and fundraisers.

Each year, under the 10 Principles tradition of Burners, Blenders (GB campers) contribute their time, efforts, and money to make GB on playa happen.
Note: No Queers/LGBTQ+/POC turned away for lack of funds! Scholarships to cover camp cost-sharing (minus the camp bond) are available, if needed.

Gender Blender takes about $14k a year to operate. Fundraisers take care of about 10% of those costs, private patronage handles about 60%, and the remaining 30% is covered through Camp Cost Sharing.

Operational expenses include:

  • Maintaining infrastructure
    • Blender Dome (24′ Geodesic Dome)
    • Shade Structure
    • Furniture and decor (for the dome and shade structure)
    • Sound systems
    • Generators
    • Signage/lighting
    • Camp kitchen (stove, sink, shelves, etc)
    • Camp monkey hut (GB-only chill space)
    • Camp shower
    • Camp chairs
  • Maintaining/replacing camp tools
    • Leave No Trace tools (pickup tools, garbage cans/bags, compost, etc)
    • Carts and dollies
    • Drill Driver and Rebar pullers
    • Fire safety equipment
    • First aid
    • Etc
  • Supplies for workshops and events 
    • blenders/mixers
    • alcohol, fruit, tea, etc
    • Safer sex supplies (toys, innie and outtie condoms, gloves, pads, dams, lube, …)
    • wrist bands
  • Water for Blenders (campers and GB event participants)
    • potable/drinking/clean water
    • grey water disposal during/end-of the event
  • Fuel for generators and camp stove
  • Transporting camp supplies to playa
  • Storage container rental and playa delivery
  • Scholarships for Trans/GQ/Queer/POC Burners in need


The Blender Cost Sharing tiers are based on when you commit to the camp’s mission and contribute to making that mission a reality at Burning Man.  A Blender’s Cost Share goes up as the event draws nearer because accommodating additional campers closer to the event takes more time, money, and human resources to prepare for. If you have the means, contributing a larger Cost Share is encouraged and will allow us to do more for our community!

In addition to the Blender Cost Share that goes towards making what we do possible, we incorporate a refundable $100 Camper’s Agreement Bond that deters plug-and-play camp mentality (pay a bunch of money, show up, don’t do any work, leave without lifting a finger) that is antithetical to Burning Man’s 10 Principles. After the event, the camper’s agreement bond is refunded to Blenders that have met their contribution requirements (i.e. their share of making GB an awesome gift to playa). Camper contributions include setup/teardown shifts, camp work shifts, event volunteering, and adhering to the Camper’s Agreements…

It takes a lot of time and money to maintain the space we maintain, and every bit helps!

The 2018 Gender Blenders Cost Share tiers are:

  • Prepared Blender = $350 (Cost Share + Bond)
    • January – July 31st

  • Spontaneous Blender = $475 (Cost Share + Bond)
    • August 1st – August 20th
    • Note: No Refunds
  • Glucose Guardian Blender = $950
    • “Glucose Guardian” is a gender neutral term for “Sugar Daddy/Momma/Person”
    • 2x (Camp Cost Share + Bond), covering you and helping fund scholarships for Blenders in need
  • LGBTQ+ Scholarship Blender = $225 (Cost Share + Bond)
    • Must be approved by leadership
    • Cost share portion can be reduced based on need
    • Refundable Bond still required

Blender Cost Share + Bond