Camper’s Gift Contribution


Gender Blenders is a non-profit organization and its contributions to the Burning Man Event are funded through gift contributions from our campers. No one will away for lack of funds; scholarships to cover financial camp contributions are available if needed.

Camper’s Gift Contributions goes towards:

  • maintaining infrastructure
    • Blender Dome (24′ Geodesic Dome)
    • Shade Structure
    • camp kitchen (stove, sink, shelves, etc)
    • camp monkey hut (GB-only chill space)
    • camp shower
    • camp chairs
    • sound system
    • generator rental
    • camp signage / camp lights
  • replacing camp tools (MOOP pickup tools, camp carts, rebar puller, fire safety, first aid, etc)
  • supplies for workshops and events  (Blender/Mixers, alcohol, fruit, tea, signs, etc)
  • safer sex supplies and toys for the Sexploration Party
  • water for campers
    • potable/drinking water
    • grey water disposal during/after the event
  • Fuel for generators and camp stove
  • transporting camp supplies to playa
  • storage container rental and playa delivery
  • camp dues scholarships for Trans/GQ/QPOC Burners in need


Camper’s contribution gift are tiered based on when you commit to joining the camp’s mission and its contributions to Burningman by submitting your gift.  Accommodating additional campers closer to the event takes more time, money, and human resources to prepare for and therefore require higher camp dues. Additionally, we incorporate a refundable $50 camp deposit for meeting camp contribution requirements (a full day of setup/teardown, camp task workshifts, and event volunteering).

It takes a lot of time and money to maintain the space we maintain, and every bit helps! Please consider contributing at the level you capable of contribution at:

  • Early Blender
    • January – July 19th = $275 (Gift + Camp Deposit)
  • Prepared Blender
    • July 20th – Aug 13th = $325 (Gift + Camp Deposit)
  • Spontaneous Blender:
    • Aug 14th – August 25th = $400 (Gift + Camp Deposit)
  • Sugar Blender:
    • Now = $650 (Gift + Camp Deposit + Gift&Deposit toward scholarship to help a Blender in need)

Camp Gift Contribution