Mission Statement

Gender Blender is a community committed to creating safe, awesome, fun, creative spaces for trans, gender queer, gender variant, gender nonconforming, queens, kings, and those of us that are shape shifting the gender binary.

We also serve to educate and give space to those that have always wanted to explore gender but have never before. We run workshops, play parties, events, and a Burning Man theme camp. We welcome new people (older burners and non-burners, alike).

All genders welcome always.



The vision of Gender Blender began on the playa of Black Rock City (aka. “The Burning Man Event”) back in 2009 by Ariel Vegosen and Ronnie Appleseed.  The project started as a response to a lack of safe space for gender non-conformists both on and off the playa; as well as a desire to celebrate those wonderful identities… giving genderqueers, gender variants, and trans people a place to just be themselves.

The Gender Blender theme camp was born, running workshops, facilitating educational events, throwing play parties, offering safe spaces, and being a general resource to help the greater queer and Burningman community gain a better understanding and being more includes of the entire gender spectrum.

In 2010, Gender Blender joined an allyship with Camp Beaverton (“the home for wayward girls”).  Though both camps has a different mission and vision, the two camps share many values: commitment to safe spaces, consent, nonviolence, and a shared history/understanding of intersectional marginalization.  Additionally, as both serve marginalized communities, both were fledgling groups struggling to overcome many struggles common to the hard task of community building.  For four years, the two camps worked together and flourished to achieve their mission statements.

Throughout the history of Gender Blender, a consistent goal of creating important allyships has been key in our continued survival.  Allyships with Comfort & Joy, Faetopia, GlamCocks, and the Queer Burner Network are very important to achieving our Mission.

In recent years, Gender Blender has been working to expand beyond the playa. Gender Blender has been a sponsor of SF Trans March since 2014 and participates in its resource fair.  Blenders can be found facilitating discussions and providing education around gender issues throughout Northern and Southern California, Washington DC, Portland, New York, and even internationally in Canada, Greece, and Mexico.


Gender Blender Camp (@BM)

If you’re considering camping with Gender Blender at Burning Man 2019, now is the time to submit your camper interest questionnaire here!

If you have any questions about camping with Gender Blender, feel free to reach out to us at: